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Saturday, March 19, 2011


assalamualaikum  ;)

 numb. yep. i feel numb right now. i always find myself exhausted and not feeling well. school works are unbelievable. i feel like i want to sit silently in my unmade bed and do nothing. just stared white ceiling blankly and think nothing. i don't want to do anything. maybe i'll finish up my readings. my novels. banyak gila yang kina tak habis baca. baca ciput je. sebab ikut mood. kalau datang mood rajin, baca sampai last page. siap nangis- nangis semua. ahahha..novel mana kina tak nangis? BM, BI semua nangis

heee..okaylah. nanti kina update lagi  :)

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