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Thursday, March 10, 2011

currently i am reading..

assalamualaikum  ;)

currently i’m reading The Little Women. this is the first book i borrowed as a bachelor student from my university’s library. malasnya nak pinjam buku, kina. kina tak tahu boleh pinjam buku kat library. sebab tak dapat kad matrik lagi. tak ke sengal tu? kenapa tak tanya librarian,kina?
well, back to the main story ye. if you love a good story, then look no further. Oxford children classics bring together the most unforgettable stories ever told. they’re books to treasure and return to again and again ;)
this book is about March sister. their father is away at war and the family is short of money, but these girls don’t dwell on such matters and always look on the bright side. whether it’s performing a play or getting on with day-to-day chores, the sisters can find the fun in any situation, but what fate holds in store for the girls, only time will tell.
the language is easy to understand. the kids, the fun, the air..are clearly pictured in my mind. i feel young when i’m reading this book. maybe because  i’ve been reading a serious books all the time, so when i comes to niminy piminy books, i really enjoy reading it! hehe.. ;D

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