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Monday, March 7, 2011


assalamualaikum  ;)

hello readers! how do you do? how was your day? was it wonderful like mine? hehe..i just want to thank to Allah for helping us this morning. we were supposed to present about ISTE and Empowering 8. but, we didn't. it was because our lecturer had some problem. syukur alhamdulillah!

mygod, i can't allow myself to be proud of what i shouldn't be proud. *ughh..macam berbelit ayat ni*. we still have to edit our slides and be more prepared.'s okay. i know. i know degree is really tough. i've been through a lot of misery that makes me so strong and vulnerable!

so, this is my hectic schedule and school work for this week. *hectic la sangat*

monday: finish the cataloging workbook
tuesday: present the ISTE and Empowering 8
wednesday: present CTU- konsep budaya dan peranannya dalam pembangunan malaysia
thursday: test IMA 453- academic librarian & do the database exercises *i'm very blur*
friday: discussion about the questionnaires in class & attend user education class this is it. not so hectic laa. hehehe..*kina, please! you should stop complaining and whining without a good reasons*. okay, people. selamat belajar. semoga kita semua dapat dekan sem ni. (amin)  ;) is so wonderful. waa..lama tak pergi pantai  ;(
image: the danbo

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