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Monday, February 21, 2011

panda bear

become a
panda bear
and turned to
with the sleepless night
then, turned to

everyone seems like a panda bear today. i can see most of my classmates have a dark circles. we're struggling with assignments, school works, academic visits, presentations, and have own problems.

God, please! help us through the sleepless night. the arguments, the miseries, and the zombies

"ohmigod..why i'm feeling breezy dizzy here?"
hmm..maybe this is too much. school works can cause brain damaged. haha  :D

oh, this is better,honey  :)


  1. jgn jdi hantu kak limah balik umah sudah..:D

  2. funny. tapi sedih jugak cerita tu. banyak roh dalam tu ;)