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Monday, January 24, 2011

reminder, reminder

hello, folks! how do you do? i'm busy lately. assignments here, assignments there. i wish i could have a twin. the same "me" to help me to complete the school works. *sighs*  :)

well, kina. just stay strong and positive about your future. "kerja rumah bukan satu bebanan. ia adalah untuk meningkatkan prestasi diri anda"

my assignments:

1. IMA 502- presentation of short story; keimanan and research about e- learning
2. IMA 455- an academic visit to unisel
3. IMA 455- report and presentation of Information Literacy class
    *empowering 8
    *The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Model
4. IMA 451- catalog 20 printed materials in the library
5. BEL 422- research and report of communication among students
6. CTU 553- currently m.i a

imam malik:
Ilmu itu bukanlah dengan membanyakkan riwayat tetapi ilmu itu adalah cahaya yang Allah letakkan dalam hati 

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  1. all the best sis... Moga dimudahkan segala urusan.. U r never alone.. just reach nto ur heart and ALLAH is always there...